Fostering a stronger sense of belonging in Edmonton’s West Side


Together let's work towards a community where all belong


Do you have an idea of how to strengthen belonging in west central Edmonton? We’re providing one-time funding opportunities of up to $5,000 to community members to develop pilot projects that foster a stronger sense of belonging in the Jasper Place area.


Let's talk about belonging: Your thoughts on our Jasper Place community


Belonging is more than just a word. It's about feeling like you're part of something, having your own identity, and knowing you're supported by a community. We are using the term “belonging” to describe a sense of community connection. We believe that when people feel they belong, their sense of commitment to the community increases. 


What does belonging mean to you?

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How might we - as a wider community - foster a stronger sense of belonging within west-central Edmonton for everyone who lives, works and plays in the area?


Our hope is that we will build capacity for people in the area to come together, support one another, and contribute to a healthy, connected and resilient west-central Edmonton. 


Together let’s work towards a Jasper Place where everyone can thrive.

Our Goals



Community members have an increased sense of belonging as they relate to the area and each other



Community members develop a vision of what it means when all community members feel like they belong



The community has an understanding of local strengths and assets that support a sense of belonging for all

Our Principles



We celebrate what already exists in the community and what works


All of our actions champion equity, diversity and inclusion


We embrace and encourage creativity


We prioritize building relationships and trust


Everything we do works towards our goals of strengthening belonging

How did this all start?


Since early 2023, we've been talking with community members about how to make west-central Edmonton more welcoming and connected. We heard that having a sense of belonging to our neighbourhood is an important part of connected communities. 


When you feel a sense of belonging, you are more likely to care about our shared public spaces and have increased capacity to contribute at a community level. When you feel that you belong, your sense of access and community safety is enhanced.


This initiative uses belonging as the lens to look at how we can improve our community (whether in our shared spaces or how we gather). The concept of belonging brings with it many opportunities like community inclusivity, advocacy, community connectivity and strengthened relationships between neighbours.


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We’d love to hear them! Please email either Lindsay at lindsay@tiliaconsulting.ca or Todd at director@stonyplainroad.com