“A true community is not just about being geographically close to someone or part of the same social web network. It's about feeling connected and responsible for what happens where everyone plays a crucial role.”

Yehuda Berg

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The We Belong in Jasper Place project is community driven and community led! That means we need the help of community minded folks like you and your neighbours to move the work forward. There are many ways to get involved - choose the ones that work for you!

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Read what we've heard from the community?

We’ve been talking to lots of people about what belonging looks and feels like to them–and how we can make west central Edmonton more welcoming and connected for everyone. Flip through our engagement summaries to learn more about what we’ve been doing since we started this initiative, and what we've heard from the community.



Spread the word!

Please share this website with friends and neighbours and encourage them to get involved. The more people who are aware of this work the better!


Create connections!

Are you a part of a community-minded organization or know of one that is exploring the idea of belonging in community? Let us know about your work! We would love to highlight your work and share with our network!


Please email either Lindsay at hello@lindsayhumber.ca or Todd at director@stonyplainroad.com


Engage on social media!

Like, share and comment on our social media platforms to keep the conversation going. Tag us at #WeBelongInJasperPlace


Brainstorm with the community!

Share your ideas about what might strengthen belonging in the area and help us get a clearer picture of what projects we could develop in the future.

We want to understand what makes our neighborhood feel like home to you - and what we might do to create that feeling for everyone. What we hear will help guide future community projects that boost belonging in the area. 


Join in and help define what belonging means in Jasper Place!

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We’d love to hear them! Please email either Lindsay at lindsay@tiliaconsulting.ca or Todd at director@stonyplainroad.com