Empowering Community: “We Belong in Jasper Place” Initiative Aims to Foster Stronger Community Bonds

[Edmonton, AB] November 14, 2023 – A community-driven initiative known as "We Belong in Jasper Place" is set to revitalize the social fabric of the area, prioritizing community connections and belonging. Unlike traditional urban revitalization efforts that often focus solely on physical infrastructure, this initiative recognizes the importance of building social infrastructure to create a thriving and connected community.

This transformative project emerged after a series of engaging Community Conversations held in June and July 2023. The initiative garnered insights and ideas from local business owners, residents, service providers, community leagues, community-based organizations, City of Edmonton departments, and elected officials. It became clear that Jasper Place's residents and stakeholders sought to enhance community inclusivity, advocacy, connectivity, and relationships between neighbors.

Objective and Key Features:

The primary objective of "We Belong in Jasper Place" is to empower community members to take the lead in revitalizing their social landscape. The initiative offers one-time funding opportunities of up to $5,000 for residents, business owners, and community members of the Jasper Place district to develop pilot projects and events that foster a stronger sense of belonging. Projects can take various forms, such as:

  • Engaging the community
  • Developing a community resource
  • Repurposing existing assets
  • Hosting activities or events
  • Initiating short-term pilot programs

Visit us online at webelonginjasperplace.ca for more information. The grant application form is located here.  

Important Dates:

Grant proposals are due by November 26, providing ample time for community members to develop their creative ideas and projects that will shape the future of Jasper Place.

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