Join us for our first ever North Glenora Living Library!

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Thursday, May 23 AT 7 PM | North Glenora Community League Hall

The North Glenora Community League is excited to be hosting a Living Library event. Just like in a regular library, you can check out a book, the difference is your “book” is a person. Seven community members with a variety of life experiences have been invited to be living “books” that fellow community members can connect with in small groups. Please join us for these amazing and memorable stories!


To attend, please contact Melissa at or 780-982-8889. Or fill out this online form If you have trouble with the form, contact Melissa directly.


Watch our video about this project and sign up today! Living Library


“Books” to choose from:

  • Character Before Religion: A Chat with a Muslim
  • It Can Happen to Anyone: A Firsthand Account of Housing Insecurity
  • Lean Mean Teen Machine: The Life of a Modern-Day Teenager
  • Just a Person: One Nonbinary Transgender Person’s Journey Through Life
  • The Original People: A Conversation with a Dene Drummer & Storyteller
  • Well Preserved: The Life & Times of a 92 Year Old
  • Down-and-Out & Back Again: Life Journey of a Disability, Housing & Poverty Advocate


Video credits: Song: Sappheiros: Embrace. License: Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0) Music powered by Breaking Copyright: A DRak Production.

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